Reasons to Tour San Francisco by Tour Bus

One of the best ways to thoroughly enjoy and closely view the amazing places in San Francisco is by traveling in a city tour bus. San Francisco is a compact city, and the best means of obtaining an intimate experience, as preferred by many travel agents, is via a commercial tour. Regardless whether you are a local American or a visitor from another country, you will find San Francisco as an enchanting city and its panoramic surroundings leave an indelible impression in your mind. All types of tourists can learn richly about the City by the Bay when they take San Francisco bus tours. There are quite a few knowledgeable tour bus drivers who can provide you with valuable information about the city and the number of unique neighborhoods and adjoining districts like Chinatown, Japan town, Haight-Ashbury, the Castro, and Nob Hill just offer a wonderful experience to tour. The other notable attractions you will see are the famous twisting Lombard Street and the city’s quaint cable car system, the Golden Gate Bridge renowned for its architectural splendor. Fisherman’s Wharf is a unique amalgam of sights, sounds, and scents. There are many places which offer you amazing shopping and fabulous eateries. Some bus tour companies will also offer one-day tours outside San Francisco to various popular spots like Muir woods and Sausalito, Carmel, wine country and Yosemite. With its majestic peaks and picturesque waterfalls, Yosemite is a beautiful tourist spot in the National Park system. When you visit Yosemite in a bus line charter, you will also learn about the history of the park, as well as to view the same vistas that renowned photographer Ansel Adams captured decades ago. Whether you’re with a large group in a charter bus rental or you’re traveling alone with other visitors in a tour charter bus – it is the perfect way to spend a leisurely day visiting California’s premier wine country. There are San Francisco charter bus companies that offer Alcatraz tours, to let you learn about the history of some of the country’s most notorious criminals who were housed at the maximum-security prison. You will also pick up first-hand information about the military uses of Alcatraz, and the unique flora and fauna that is found on the island. If you are part of a group of people on a tour and planning to spend a night out in San Francisco and the Bay Area, the ideal way is to hire a limousine party bus. A party bus can carry from 10 to 50 passengers in ultimate comfort. Usually a party bus is designed for larger groups of people and is equipped with cozy seats, fully equipped built-in bars, and large windows for large-scale viewing, sound systems, plasma televisions, DVD player, disco lights, and also smoke machines. Many party buses will permit you to smoke and drink on board. You can enjoy iconic San Francisco landmarks aboard an authentic English Double Decker Bus! If you opt for the Golden Gate Loop bus tour, it will drive through the Presidio, Cannery, Ghirardelli Square, Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco Marina, and along Fisherman’s Wharf. The Downtown Loop bus tour goes through North Beach and Lombard Street. If you choose the Park Loop, you can see many of San Francisco’s famous sites including St Mary’s Cathedral, San Francisco’s Japantown, Alamo Square, Japanese Tea Gardens, Haight & Ashbury, California Academy of Sciences and more. No matter which tour you go on, be sure to do all the research necessary to find the best tour for you. Buy only from a legitimate tour company and not from a reseller to avoid needless complications.

5 Steps To Finding Your Perfect Bus Tour

Planning a trip can be exhausting. You finally decided to take a bus tour, which include the transportation, hotels, a well-planned itinerary, plus a travel expert who have the insider scoop and will guide you through the journey. Nice, isn’t it? You get on the bus, put down your luggage, kick back, and someone will take care of the rest. However, before getting on the bus, there is some homework for you to do. We have designed a five-step guide for you to easily find your perfect bus tour. 1. Going through a Travel Agency. This is a world of collaboration. Instead of hitting tens and hundreds of different tour operators, a smart way will be going through a travel agency where you can compare all the tour itineraries, schedules and prices all in one stop. Online travel agencies have gone a long way to make it easy for travelers to search their trips efficiently by key words, times and locations. A lot of times travel agencies also offer additional discounts and promotional vacation packages for those who travel on a tight budget. 2. Knowing your Limits. Before planning for a trip, ask yourself some questions: Where does the trip start? For how many days? Where are the places you want to visit? And how much do you plan to spend without breaking your bank? Most of the online travel sites allow travelers to search for trips by using the 3 Ds: Departure, Destination, and Duration. Another question that is commonly neglected by travelers is “How intense the bus tour you want it to be?” Do you want to visit lots of places in a weekend getaway, or you want to take it slow by staying in one place? With an escorted tour, visiting a lot of attractions in a short amount of time maybe perfect for those who want to get the most out of their journey; however, not so much for those who prefer to relax and take their time. If you’re not sure about the intensity of the tour, pick up your phone and call the agency to talk to a real person. 3. What is Included? As the travel industry gets fiercely competitive, travel agencies are tightening their margins to attract more customers. It is not uncommon for travelers to find too-good-to-be-true travel deals with a little extra time and effort researching online. However, what you see is not always what you get. For a bus tour, transportation and accommodation are almost always included. Other factors you might want to take into account include: Does the tour provide airport/hotel pick-up? Which attractions are paid for and which ones are optional (admission fees not included)? Is the travel insurance included? What hotels are you staying in? 4. What Language Do You Speak? This one seems obvious but is neglected very often. Most of travel agencies in the U.S. require tour guides who speak English. However, there are many tours out there that are guided by people who speak multiple languages. It is not uncommon to find someone who is trilingual and can guide a tour in fluent English, Spanish, and Chinese. For those who speak English as a second language, it could be nice to find a tour that is guided in your mother tongue. On the other hand, if you prefer the tour guide to speak one language instead of switching among five other languages, you might want to avoid multiple language tours. 5. Rules, Rules, Rules Is there a refund policy? What is the cancellation policy? Do they take credit card or check? Visit the website and understand the legal aspect of the agency will not only protect you for your rights, but also give you some ideas of when and how you want to book a tour. Afterall, knowing what to expect and plan ahead is always the safest way to enjoy your trip!

Tour Charter Bus – What Are Your Options?

Each bus is used for a different purpose. The reader will have a better idea about the options that are available. This article aims to help the reader get a clear picture about the variety of charter buses that are available. The first thought that enters most of our minds when we think of a tour charter bus is the comfort and safety of the bus. There are different buses that are meant for different purposes. Many people are under the wrong concept that hiring a tour bus for a tour is just the same as hiring a public bus. But, the truth is that it is not. If you are organizing a tour in Connecticut then I suggest that you think about hiring a Connecticut charter bus, rather than opting for any other mode of transport. No matter what kind of tour you are planning or how many people you are planning the trip for; there is a vehicle for all types. These buses are very comfortable and luxurious too. They come with all the required amenities to make a journey worthwhile. Some of the different types of buses available are- tour coaches, basic coaches, double deck coaches, and party coaches. Here is a little more information about each type of coach: • Tour coach – as the name suggests these coaches are used for tour purposes. It is very popular and used for almost all sorts of tours; like family, corporate, and school tours. Keeping in mind the purpose; these coaches have been built with all the required facilities like a bathroom, video and music players, televisions, and DVD players. These coaches are easily available. • Basic coaches – basic coaches or standard coaches look very similar to school buses. These are ideal for a large group of people who are going for a short field trip. These buses are easy to maneuver and suitable for any kinds of roads. Though these buses look very plain they more than meet the requirements of every trip. Standard coaches are sturdy and comfortable. • Double – deck coaches – these provide travelers with a great travelling option. However, double-deck coaches are mainly found in the metropolitan areas. The greatest advantage of using these buses is that it allows you to travel with a huge group of people without curbing the entertainment factor. There is enough room on these buses for people to move around freely. Conducting games and dances on these coaches will not be a problem. Some double-deck coaches come with a restroom too. • Party coaches – most companies for a charter bus in Connecticut have the option of hiring a party coach. Party buses are ideal for special occasions like wedding and engagements, provided you have a small crowd. There are good provisions made for entertainment too. Charter buses are the perfect option for almost every event. These vehicles are very comfortable to travel in, and they are very affordable too. If you have any personal preferences or requirements, then you could always inform the agency about it. Jem Tours is charter bus service which operates in the areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. They have been running successfully for the last 2 years. The staff at Jem Tours is not only reliable but they are courteous too.

Gambling on Tour Bus Safety

In May 2011, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) revealed new measures to improve passenger bus safety. Implementation of the safety measures started immediately with more than 3,000 surprise passenger carrier safety inspections during the first two weeks in May that resulted in 442 unsafe buses or drivers being removed from the nation’s roadways. In addition, out-of-service citations were issued to 127 drivers and 315 vehicles during the unannounced inspections. “Safety is our number one priority,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “These new requirements we are announcing today will help ensure passengers are safe and that carriers and drivers are in full compliance with federal safety regulations. The public deserves to know that when they board any type of bus or commercial vehicle, they will be delivered to their destination safely.” The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) will now require more rigorous commercial driver’s license (CDL) testing standards. The changes include a new final rule requiring first-time applicants to obtain a commercial driver’s learner’s permit. The U.S. DOT will require all state licensing agencies to use standardized CDL testing. Then, in an effort to reduce the potential for testing fraud, the new measures also prohibit the use of foreign language interpreters. U.S. DOT has also included a provision that would give the Department greater authority to pursue unsafe, reorganized passenger carriers by establishing a federal standard to help determine whether a new carrier is a reincarnation of an old, unsafe carrier. Additional policies proposed would: • Allow for bus inspections to occur in places such as rest stops, amusement parks, casinos and other locations • Require new motorcoach companies to undergo a full safety audit before receiving operating authority • Tighten current laws to require a driver’s CDL to be suspended or revoked for drug- and alcohol-related offenses committed in non-commercial vehicles • Increase the penalty to $25,000 (from $2,000) for passenger carriers that attempt to operate without U.S. DOT authority • Go above and beyond the 2010 ban on commercial drivers texting behind the wheel and would prohibit hand-held mobile phone use entirely • Require buses to have electronic on-board recorders to replace easily falsified paper records of driver hours A pre-trip safety checklist is available to help consumers review a bus company’s safety record, safety rating and U.S. DOT operating authority before buying a ticket or hiring a bus company for group travel. The checklist is online at FMCSA’s Passenger Bus Safety Web site, Consumers are encouraged to report any unsafe bus company, vehicle or driver to the FMCSA. Over the past five years, FMCSA has doubled the number of bus inspections (from 12,991 to 25,703) and comprehensive safety reviews (from 457 to 1,042) of the nation’s estimated 4,000 passenger bus companies. While these safety measures are a step in the right direction, they have not eliminated unsafe tour bus companies from operating; nor have they been able to prevent tour bus fatal crashes associated with unsafe bus companies and inadequately trained bus drivers. It appears to be empty rhetoric to say that safety is their number one priority. Tell that to the families that lost loved ones in the New York City tour bus crash on March 12, 2011 or those that lost loved ones or were injured in the Sky Express bus crash on May 31, 2011.

Sydney Rock Bus Tour

Part 1 Hello. When I’m not trying to contribute something worthwhile to society, I pretend to be a singer in a band. This I have done for 20 or so years, even at one stage brushing the national consciousness like an accidental groper on the peak hour train. In my long flirtation with the outer end of showbiz I have met some very interesting people, and of course, some dullards and popinjays of the worst kind. One of the least preening and consequently most worthwhile is a chap called Colin, who runs Sydney Charter Bus Pty Ltd. Colin has driven me a number of times on my travels – or perhaps that’s travails – to the rock monuments of Sydney, and always with a cheerful and intelligent anecdote. When I think about travel in Sydney, my mind always returns to the view from Colin’s charter bus window. After all, it’s the only way I remember the place, a particularly jaundiced, tunnel-visioned view of the city, but I guess it makes a change from Getaway. So here it is: Sydney through the windows of the rock tour bus. I apologise in advance for penning the least revelatory or even accurate portrayal of this huge and complex city. I will not get to the heart of Sydney’s shifting personality. I will not explore the cultural nuances that separate Sydney and Melbourne – or the fact that there are none. I will not bring you the characters of the street, as in a Don Walker or Tim Freedman lyric, or paint a portrait as vivid and challenging as Whiteley in his Yellow House years. Nope. Apart from a couple of childhood holidays in the North Ryde Caravan Park, I have seen a very small part of Sydney many many times. The same handful of roads. The same Sydney tour bus windows. The same destinations. I’m like the businessman who tours the world and has only ever seen conference rooms and virtual whiteboards. My seminars, however, were always in stinkypoo rock venues. Same rigid set of rules. Different dress code. There is a slightly flat feeling that sets in when you finally go to Greenwich Village in New York, and instead of being infused with the spirit of the young Robert Zimmerman or James Marshall Hendrix, you just feel like you’re in Fitzroy or Darlinghurst. So it is with rock venues: despite all the mythologizing, CBGBs isn’t all that different to the Annandale Hotel. But that’s OK. I make that point because you don’t have to travel overseas for some true rock architecture. Next time your tour bus takes you west of Sydney along the Parramatta Road, past this history-soaked venue, you should doff your hat and pay some respect, if only for the long, winding list of musical ghosts haunting its suitably dark interiors. Even though the owner, on the hotel website, says “Our gaol was to support Australia’s emerging talent” I think he’s referring to the artistic goal, not the confined spaces. There’s another way in which the Annandale is similar to CBGBs – it’s an endangered species. The New York club, famous for launching the careers of Blondie, the Ramones, Patti Smith, Television, et al, closed its doors in 2006 after a dispute with the Bowery Residents’ Committee. This is the spectre on the shoulder of all inner city rock venues – the emergence of the city-dwelling groover who likes these suburbs because of their ‘character’, then wants to remove said ‘character’ when it interrupts their sleep. Judging by the desperate pleas on the website for punters to behave responsibly upon leaving the premises etc etc, the Annandale’s hold on existence is a tenuous one. Better tell your tour bus driver to hit the Parramatta Road while you still can. Part 2 available on the website.

Las Vegas Helicopter Tours – See The Strip, Grand Canyon In Under 3 Hours

Do you imagine seeing the Grand Canyon as well as the Las Vegas Strip in one fell swoop? You can, especially by helicopter, which will let you experience both in less time than it takes to watch the season finale of The Apprentice.

Tour packages vary from basic flyovers to extravagant packages that include champagne, river rafting, horse riding, and ATV adventures. It’s your call. Here’s a cheat sheet on tour types to get your started:

Top 3 Tours

#1 Here’s your “no-frills” package. This tour leaves from the edges of Las Vegas, cruises over the West Rim, and heads back for The Strip before landing.

#2 Goes to the West Rim where it lands at the Canyon’s special heliport. Explore the Canyon. Enjoy the Skywalk. Board helicopter, hover over Las Vegas Boulevard.

#3 The king of tours, this trip zips out to Grand Canyon West, sightsee, then lowers itself 4,000 feet to the bottom. Lunch close to the Colorado River. Ascend, and then jet back to Vegas, taking the long way the city’s center.

Bonus Sights

The flight over to the West Rim, which is actually just outside the National Park’s boundaries, includes a number of spectacular sites, including:

*Lake Mead – A beautiful, body of water that gleams under the desert sun. It practically glistens under the desert sun. Largest man-made body of water in the U.S.

*Hoover Dam – Second largest dam in the U.S. Provides most of the drinking water and most of the electrical power used by Las Vegas. It’s a spectacular structure, made even more exciting by the new bypass that’s being suspended over Black Canyon.

*Guano and Eagle Points – These are the West Rim’s most famous lookouts. Horizons go on forever. Keep your eyes open for Big Horn Sheep and California Condors.

*Skywalk – Do it if you get a tour that offers it as a choice. It’s literally a glass bridge that extends 75 feet over the lip of the Rim. This is as close as you’ll get to having wings. The distance from the bridge to the bottom is twice the size of the tallest building in the world.


Flights depart daily from McCarran International Airport, North Las Vegas Airport, and Boulder City Airport. Sunrise, sunset, and evening flights are the most popular with travelers. Most tour operators include hotel pick up and drop off. It’s recommended that you confirm your flight 24 hours in advance. While on the phone, I tell people to check weather conditions – the Canyon particularly can be quite fickle.


Plenty of people think a helicopter ride is out of their budget. Reconsider that thought.Las Vegas is loaded with tour operators who compete hard for your tour dollar. But if you really want the best deal in town, book online, where you can save up to 45% off the retail price.

Final Words

I need to point out that there are bus tours that include the Strip and the Canyon. The value here is incredible. The big difference, however, is time: Bus trips will require nearly the entire day; helicopters can complete the job in several hours. If time is precious and you have a modest budget, visiting these attractions by helicopter is a must.

What Is The Big Deal With Lanzarote?

Tourism is the main economy behind the fourth largest of the Canary Islands. Located just 80km from the coast of Africa, and the Sahara, Lanzarote offers visitors and residents year round warmth and sunshine.

Rainfall in Lanzarote measures only around 5 and a half inches a year, which accounts for the dry, baron look of the island for most of the year. When it rains in Lanzarote you usually get short, sharp rainstorms that pass quickly, but the temperate remains warm.

Lanzarote has two sides to the island. The west was devastated by volcanic activity thousands of years ago, and to this day looks like a lunar landscape. Miles and miles of volcanic fields lie in the Timanfaya National Park, where you can take a bus tour around the volcanic landscape. The volcanic history of the island also means that you get a combination of golden and dark grey beaches on the island, something unique to Lanzarote within the Canaries.

The east side and to the north of the island tend to be a little greener. These areas are less populated by holiday makers but still offer some great attractions such as Mirador del Rio (the lookout over the island of Graciosa), Jameos del Agua and The Green Caves.

Lanzarote is largely unspoilt, thanks to Cesar Manrique. All the buildings on the island have to remain white and there are no advertisements or billboards lining the road like you might see on mainland Spain.

These days it’s becoming ever cheaper to fly to Lanzarote with companies such as Jet2 offering flights as little as £24.99 (I had to double check this to believe it!).

Lanzarote isn’t just about the weather and the natural beauty of the island. It’s a great place to go and relax to get away from the stress of the “rat-race”. Many of the tourist resorts offer an excellent choice of restaurants, bars and nightlife and Puerto del Carmen and Arrecife offer a great shopping experience for those that aren’t able to leave their shopping desires at home.

All in all, Lanzarote makes for a great holiday destination, which is why so many people go back year after year.

What To See And Do When Visiting Iceland

A little background on myself: I am an American who, for work reasons, moved to Iceland and lived there for two years. It was a challenging but, overall, an experience that I treasure. In the time I was there I learned a lot about Iceland and experienced, first hand, all of what I write about in this article.

There’s only one international airport in Iceland so, you will be flying into Keflavik, a small city about 30 minutes south of Reykjavik, the capital. If you are just going to be in Iceland for a few hours due to a layover, you might want to consider going to the Blue Lagoon. It is about 15-20 minutes from the airport. The Blue Lagoon is a spa and its main attribute is a geothermal pond that you can bathe in. The water is emerald green and very relaxing. Icelanders believe that the mineral-rich water is healing. It certainly is soothing and the experience is unique.

If you are going to be staying in Iceland for a couple days, most likely you will be staying in Reykjavik. In this case, I would recommend seeing the downtown area, which can be done on foot, or by a tour bus. Reykjavik is a charming and beautiful city with bright colored roofs, narrow streets and bustling pedestrian activity. Next, I would highly recommend going to one of the city’s many pools. They are very affordable and one of the best things about living in Iceland. In fact, Reykjavik considers itself the spa capital of Europe. The pools are clean and numerous offering many hot pots, lap pools, steam baths, saunas and more. The cost is about $6, a bargain for such an expensive country.

The next thing I would highly recommend is taking a tour outside of the city to see Iceland’s unspoiled nature. You can take a bus or contract with one of the many jeep tour companies. The bus tours generally stick to the main roads and will take you to all the tourist hotspots: Gullfoss, Geysir, Thingvellir National Park and a few other well-known destinations. My feeling is that the bus tour option is not very interesting. It is like a glorified postcard. Instead, I would opt for the jeep tours which will take you off the beaten path, allowing you not only to see but to experience. These jeep tours range in length from 3 hours to overnight tours. You can choose a tour that fits you interests, for example you can go on a jeep tour that will take you to many of the more spectacular waterfalls. Or, you can opt to drive on a glacier and go snowmobiling. Or, you can take a tour that will allow you to explore lava fields and even climb into lava caves. I really believe that this is the best way to experience Iceland – firsthand, not seen through a bus window.

If you are going to be in Iceland for at least a week, I would recommend renting a car and driving the Ring Road. It is the only main highway in Iceland and it simply goes around the entire country. This trip will take you 2-3 days, depending on your pace. This kind of trip is an experience worth treasuring. Keep in mind that rentals cars are expensive and so is gas. When I was there, gas cost about $6.50/gallon. Food and lodging are also very expensive so consider staying in guesthouses and shopping for your food rather than eating-out for every meal.

In many ways, Iceland is like many Northern European countries. The capital city looks like other Scandinavian capitals, it has all the modern conveniences, the people speak English and, last but not least, it’s expensive. But, that’s where the similarities end. Iceland is unique in so many ways. First off, geologically, Iceland is very unique. It is a fairly young island that is still volcanically active. Due to this, Iceland is a hot bed (no pun intended) of geothermal activity. Icelanders use this hot water to produce electricity and heat their homes. Iceland is sparsely populated with a low overall population, approximately 300,000 people. Reykjavik is the capital city with approximately 120,000 people – not huge by any standards. Iceland has lots of glaciers; in fact it has the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull. Most of the interior is uninhabited and uninhabitable. So the cities, such as they are, have sprung up along the coastlines. Outside of Reykjavik, the next largest city is Akueyri, which enjoys the distinction of the northernmost city in the world.

Iceland is clean and beautiful with amazing landscapes ranging from other-worldly lava fields to lush fields of moss, grasses and low-lying berry bushes to waterfalls, rivers and streams, mountains, glaciers and more. Trees are few and far between outside of the populated areas. Iceland has very clean air and water. You can safely drink water from many streams across the country – not something I would recommend in most of the world. Iceland is also a fun destination; Icelanders love to party and the club scene in Reykjavik is a must. Just don’t show up before 11:30 pm.

Best 1-Day Grand Canyon National Park Rafting Tours

Warm spring weather is on the way, so it is the ideal time to get out of the house and enjoy the beauty of nature. The ultimate nature destination is the Grand Canyon, and the ideal way to see it is by booking one of the unique raft tours. Below are a couple of good tour suggestions.

The Fun Begins

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the place to find the best float tours. The starting point for these tours is the airport located in Tusayan, AZ, which is situated near the main gates to the National Park.

From the airport there, you can book a very scenic bus tour that takes you to Page, Arizona. On this bus ride, you’ll see amazing scenery such as the awe-inspiring Painted Desert and the Little Colorado River Gorge.

The bus tour ends in Page at the Glen Canyon Dam, and that’s where your raft tour takes off. The rafts are large enough to hold 19 people, so they are quite stable and safe.

The River Excursion

You’ll be treated to many beautiful sights as you glide down the river. You’ll cover 15.5 miles of river and see many interesting landmarks as the canyon towers above you. You’ll be treated to a picturesque sight as you float around Horseshoe Bend as it cuts through the 300 foot canyon walls.

Plus, you’ll get to have lunch on a peaceful beach and you’ll get the chance to explore a bit on foot, so you can examine the ancient Indian rock art.

Swimming is allowed on these tours too, and it’s a good thing, since it would be hard to resist the draw of the pristine waters of the Colorado River. Be sure to wear clothes you can get wet, and bring your sunscreen and a hat too. As summer draws near, the temperatures at the base of the canyon climb close to 100 degrees, so you’ll welcome a refreshing dip in cool, clear waters.

Visit The Trading Post

When your float draws to a close, a tour bus will be there to take you back to the rim, and fortunately, the bus is climate controlled for complete comfort in all kinds of weather. This trip includes a visit to Cameron Trading Post where you can go shopping for one-of-a-kind Indian crafts and authentic souvenirs.

Make The Tour Even Better

The tour as described is an excellent experience, but you can make it even more awesome by upgrading it to include an aerial tour of the canyon. The air tour replaces the bus tour that takes you to Page, and the air tour allows you to see the landmarks from the air, so you get a bird’s eye view of amazing sights like Imperial Point, the Desert Watchtower, and the Colorado River Confluence.

After your aircraft lands at the airport in Page, you’ll get to take a jeep tour through Antelope Canyon on your way to your raft that awaits at Glen Canyon Dam. The upgraded tour is more expensive, but you get a lot more for your money, so it is highly recommended if you can afford it.

To Wrap Up

Now is a great time to plan your Grand Canyon adventure. The Grand Canyon is a one-of-a-kind natural wonder, and rafting along it’s floor is an experience you won’t have anywhere else on the planet. Plus, the float tour comes with a bus or air tour too, so you get a fantastic comprehensive excursion.

These fun tours all stay on the smooth water section of the Colorado River, and since there are no dangerous rapids or swift currents, kids as young as four are welcome to come. Active seniors, parents, and children can all enjoy the beauty of nature on these fun-filled, scenic tours.

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Seeing Grand Canyon National Park by Tour Bus

Grand Canyon bus trips make it easy and convenient for Las Vegas visitors to add a little nature to their trip by visiting the South Rim or West Rim of the canyon. If you’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, you might not know what you’ve been missing. The National Park just might turn out to be the high point of your Las Vegas vacation. No glitz, no glitter, just nature in all her glory.

Majestic Vistas

Every year, almost 4 1/2 million people come to the Grand Canyon, many of them on bus trips. Along the way and once they arrive, they’re able to view some of the world’s most spectacular scenic vistas. The right tour package will give you a window on the canyon’s breathtaking beauty while you luxuriate in escaping from life’s hassles.

Arranging such a memorable excursion has never been easier. Even the busiest travelers will be able to find bus trips that suit their schedules. By choosing the right company and booking your tour online, you’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing the Grand Canyon by bus.

A bus tour is much better than driving your car to the National Park. Tour motor coaches are specifically designed for comfort and sightseeing. You’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the ride instead of watching for highway signs. Plus, the National Park’s proximity to Las Vegas means you can add a Grand Canyon bus trip to almost any travel itinerary.

Big is Better

On top of the comfort and convenience of seeing the Grand Canyon by bus, you’ll get the benefit of an experienced tour guide. The National Park is a truly immense place, and amazing lookout points are numerous. If you went on your own, you could easily overlook some of the highlights – especially if you’re only at the Park for a short time. A knowledgeable guide will ensure that you get as much as possible out of your visit to the Grand Canyon. You’ll see all the popular attractions as well as the best vistas and lookout points.

‘Copter rides to the canyon floor as well as rafting trips down the Colorado River can be added to West Rim bus trips. This rim is the only location in the entire National Park where helicopters are permitted to fly below the rim and land at the bottom. Grand Canyon West is also where you’ll find the fabulous Grand Canyon Skywalk – the transparent “glass bridge” that lets visitors walk out to a point that’s 70 feet past the canyon’s edge.

I strongly encourage South Rim visitors to add a helicopter flight to their bus tour. It only takes 30 minutes, but it’s an amazing experience. You’ll fly from the South Rim to the North Rim and back, passing through Dragoon Corridor – the deepest, widest part of the canyon. I’ve taken this flight several times, and the views are always fantastic. Photography buffs love this particular experience, but no one should shortchange themselves by skipping this flight.


Choosing from these best bus tours is a great way to make sure you see all the highlights of this magnificent natural wonder. It’s easy to book tours online, and when you see the Grand Canyon by bus you’ll be more than satisfied – you’ll be thrilled!

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